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The Best Women's Travel Writing 2007

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Radio producer and community leader Barbara Brown lives in Anchorage, Alaska

Auctioning off my "hair," preparing for a public presentation on the leadership qualities of Sir Ernest Shackleton, or dishing out tough words in the BizBee. That's me.

"Hold this Thought" -- a daily, one-minute thought...

... designed to inspire reflection and conversation. A thought from literature, history, culture. Not a shallow sound bite, but a multi-layered thought that lingers all day long.

"Hold this Thought" is broadcast on public radio, goes out as daily podcasts or emails to your inbox, and appears on its own website:

You're invited to become a Contributor of Thoughts!
          I'm always looking for contributors with many different viewpoints and outlooks on the world. People who read different books, know different facets of history and culture. For sample Thoughts and more details, check us out.

"10,000 Miles, 24 Water Parks, 10 Stitches to the Head, and 3 Bathing Suits Later"
in The Best Women's Travel Writing 2007

Travelers' Tales, publisher of excellent travel books and narratives, has included one of my stories of the "National Waterpark Tour" in The Best Women's Travel Writing 2007, edited by Lucy McCauley.   I'm in there with Barbara Kingsolver!

I'd written the story in 2003, and I guess it's been roaming the country since then.  Imagine my surprise to hear of its publication!  This particular story takes place in Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando, Florida, the site of the 10 stitches to the head.  The book subtitled it "A mother-daughter tale of shared obsession."  Hmm, I never quite thought of it as an "obsession."  Read it here.


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