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The Best Women's Travel Writing 2007

Storytime in the Garden

Alaska Botanical Garden Storytime

“Hold This Thought” – a daily one-minute Thought

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“Hold this Thought” is a daily, one-minute radio show, podcast, email, and website:

These one-minute Thoughts come from literature, history, or culture. The goal: to inspire conversation and reflection, get people exploring, paying attention, maybe even taking action.

Don’t doubt that a lot can be said in one minute. These are more than quotations, more than musings of the mind. They’re complete, multi-layered passages contributed by members of the public. Because people submit things they come across, the variety – from science, from fiction, from theater – resonates with different listeners.

Launched in January 2008, “Hold this Thought” listeners and contributors now span the globe. The show is produced in the studios of KSKA in Anchorage, but is available to all Alaska Public Radio Network stations and – soon – to stations outside Alaska.

No matter where you live, you can share your Thought and I’ll find a sister station to record you. Maybe something in a book or magazine moved you. Maybe you’re the kind of person who keeps thoughts like these in notebooks or on little scraps of paper. Figure 130 words roughly equals 55 seconds on air, and you’ve got a Thought. After I check for timing and accuracy, you’re ready to record.

So start your day with something interesting and curious and continue it over conversation – either on the website or with people nearby. A little more thoughtfulness in our day couldn’t hurt.

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"Hold this Thought" -- a daily, one-minute thought on radio, podcast, and website
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